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Working with Wounded Warriors

Working with Wounded Warriors

Dr. Mariana Martinez interviews Dr. Edward Beal. Many men and woman in the armed forces who are exposed to warfare find it difficult to readjust to their life as they knew it before being deployed. Dr. Beal will describe his current experience of working with service men and women, what they are faced with, and what type of problems they experience. He will also share with us what is the treatment approach that he has found most useful to deal with this problems. The Bowen Center is a non for profit dedicated to the development of Bowen family systems theory into a science of human behavior; to assist individuals, families, communities, and organizations in addressing major life changes through understanding and improvising human relationships. The center carries out its mission locally, nationally, and internationally through training and online programs, conferences, research, clinical services, and its website and publications. The Bowen Center for the Study of the Family is an educational, research, and clinical center incorporated as a 501©(3) tax-exempt organization in the District of Columbia. Had your thinking stirred? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Additional Content to Consider: • Discover more about select featured topics on individual recordings by Dr. Bowen, Dr. Kerr and others. o • Learn more about Bowen Theory through our many publication resources available here! o • Sign up for the email newsletter to receive updates on upcoming conferences and training programs, new publications, and media offerings, as well as other news from the Bowen Center o
Family Matters: The Diagnostic Manual of Mental Illness

Family Matters: The Diagnostic Manual of Mental Illness

The Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Illness or DSM - now in its fifth edition is a book used by professionals in the Mental Health field. The information in this book shapes ideas about what is mental health, mental illness, the treatments and conditions that are covered by insurance companies, and even research trends. The topic if this edition of Family Matters is The DSM - the so called bible of psychiatry and systems thinking. Dr. Mariana Martinez interviews Dr. Edward Beal. Dr. Beal is an MD who is a graduate of Dartmouth College, Drexel University Medical School and the Menninger School of Psychiatry. He has been in practice in Washington DC area for nearly 40 years. He is a member of the faculty of the Bowen Center and the Georgetown University School of Medicine. Dr. Beal has published articles on the Family Systems approach to various diagnosis in past DSM´s and was a collaborating investigator participating in the field trials of The Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Illness. Dr. Beal addresses the evolution of the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Illness, its uses and limitations. We will discuss how the ideas supporting the DSM conflict with the systems perspective of human functioning and how he deals with this conflict. The Bowen Center for the Study of the Family offers the community affordable psychotherapy in both English and Spanish. If you would like more information about our topic or the services at the Bowen Center, please visit the web site at, or send me an email at family matter@ the You find us on FaceBook or call 202-965-4400.

Listen to Dr. Beal's Interview
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Listen to Dr. Beal's Interview On The Heidi Harris Show: Click Here

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